Business Proposal

The concept of master franchisor Donald Ployerie is for sale. Obviously, with the participation of my expertise. This includes No. 1, Old Fashioned Meal and the No. 2 Resto DP Ployerie, to be developed by all individuals or groups, who wish to embark in fast food, with portions of stew, prepared in advance such as those of our grandmothers, called Old Fashioned Meal, served with the delicious buckwheat ploye. In addition to concept # 2, explained below.

Concept # 2, Resto DP Ployerie, is workable without the Old Fashioned Meal, and includes only the assortment of ployes, as explained in the menu.


Commercial Sign

No. 1

No. 2

Take into account that the Old fashioned meal sign appears on all the result certificates of the test of the famous interior and exterior Kim's games, played at the site, thus providing an excellent view on the internet.

Also, these test result souvenir certificates will be displayed in many homes, so seen by many people.

If you would like more information

Sincerely yours,

Donald G. Plourde