Boxing Bag Marathon


You will soon get the information on the boxing bag marathon, i.e. the new boxing training bag. I hold the world record since 1990, with eight hours straight on the boxing bag, with 115 rounds of three minutes, 16,069 strokes on the bag, at the age of 46, in the senior veteran category with the possibility of a cardiovascular of 188 pulsations per minute registered by VO2 test max. It is a test of cardiovascular endurance made by the sports medicine specialist, Dr. Rene Boucher of Edmundston.

Photos taken August 11, 1990, within the physical and moral endurance marathon. My friend Yvon Durelle recognized, in my opinion, the world champion and his wife, Theresa, made the trip from Baie-Sainte-Anne, New Brunswick, to participate in this feat.

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I offer you, dear athletes, my best and most sincere wishes.

Donald G. Plourde

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