Dear Friends of the Noble Art,

This virtual historical Pantheon of Canadian boxing was inaugurated on October 1, 2005 at the Hotel Ozone of Quebec under the spelling

I am honored to present to you (posthumously) the first inductee into the boxing distinction, to the Historical Pantheon of World Boxing, Mr. Yvon Durelle, within the diamond extra classification. Many years before the start of his professional career in 1948, he was nicknamed The Fighting Fisherman.

Why is he the first? Because of his great achievements, Yvon Durelle should have been recognized world champion on the evening of December 10, 1958 (There was a memorable boxing match in Quebec city according to Wikipedia). According to the rules of the time, a boxer who sent his opponent to the ground three times in the same round was recognized as a technical KO. Because of that fact Yvon was actually World Champion during the one minute of rest, therefore, in principle, the real true fight began at the 2nd round, a glorious minute which would have been greatly appreciated by Yvon and his Grand Global Acadian Family when he was alive.

Unfortunately, because of a technical error and the lack of experience of the referee Jack Sharkey, old boxer, the match went on and ended at the 11th round. As a result, we witnessed an unforgettable match. It was amazing to see the rest of the match, and especially to realize that according to boxing experts, it was also the match of the last century 1900-2000, middleweight category. It was between Yvon Durelle, a contender and Archie Moore, world champion, KO king with 131 KO under his belt for a total of 220 combats. It is properly fitting that the professional world boxing federations recognize (posthumously) the name of Yvon Durelle in the records of world champions in remembrance of the fighting boxer. Yvon Durelle was the first Canadian boxer to fight for a world title in Canada. According to the majority of spectators and television viewers who know the rules of boxing, it was unfortunately a flagrant irregularity that nobody thought or dared to remedy this day of August 15, 2016 at the Acadian festival. For, according to the principles of reason, when the decision of a person is unreasonable, it is wise to remedy as soon as possible. So, better 58 years later than never. Therefore, here is the reason why, Durelle is recognized in this historical Pantheon of world boxing, as a world champion during this moment of well-deserved praise for a period of 15 years of professional boxing. I have the honor to present to you the first inductee in the official Ruby classification, as a promoter, my friend Régis Lévesque of Montreal.

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As you read, you will notice that my friend Yvon was supposed to be honored on the day of Tribute to the Boxer Yvon Durelle, Saturday, July 23, 2005, at the Château Frontenac of Quebec City where we were going to launch the virtual Pantheon of Canadian boxing (

Unfortunately, Yvon's health deteriorated sharply during the year of preparation in 2005, and it would have been difficult for the family to travel from Baie- Sainte-Anne, NB, to the Château Frontenac in Quebec City and they were not sure that he would have been able to attend this event that meant so much to him.

Regretfully, I had to cancel the project of presenting to one last time the Acadian boxing fisherman- and cancel the event thirty days in advance, so as not to disappoint anyone in the event of Yvon's absence. Therefore, I had to postpone the project of the inauguration of, to October 1st, 2005, at the Ozone Hotel of Quebec City.


Yvon, after his boxing exhibition

This gala event was the last time Yvon went inside a boxing arena, at the age of 52, as a competitor in an exhibition fight against his friend, Robert Cléroux of Montréal (48 years old), and nicknamed "le boeuf de Chomedey" (the bull of Chomedey), Canadian heavy-weight ex-champion.

From the left, Carmel Theriault, Don Plourde, Yvon Durelle, Laval Gagnon. Three boxers from the Edmundston Amateur Boxing Club.

Robert Cléroux

Biographies of inducted boxers in the Pantheon

Yvon Durelle

Inducted within the Diamond extra (pro) classification on July 23rd, 2005

Durelle - The Movie

Memorable fights

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Transient Biography

Dear Readers,

I would love to shed light on some setbacks which I was confronted with by malicious people within the leadership of Scout Canada in 2007.

This historical virtual Pantheon of Canadian Boxing was inaugurated on October 1, 2005 à the Ozone Hotel of Quebec under the spelling

However, due to a set of circumstances, this historical pantheon of Canadian Boxing has reached the whole world a decade later under the spelling and it happened after I took a break in 2006 to work on the Baden Powell virtual Scout Palace, as a former Queen's Scout, certified on July 28, 1959, in Fredericton, NB, when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Chief World Scout visited Canada.

This Baden Powell Scout Palace was inaugurated on August 5, 2007 at the Edmundston, NB Convention Center at the time of the festivities of the World Scouting Centenary (1907-2007).

Unfortunately, at that time I had been treated maliciously by some leaders of the Former Scouts/Guides Association of the City of Edmundston who boycotted the event with the complicity of the media and the city council. I had also been detracted on June 22, 2007, with some slanderous comments that Scout Canada's then Executive Director, Mr. Robert Nolan, emailed to the Honorable Herménégilde Chiasson, New Brunswick's Lieutenant Governor and Chief Scout and others.However, I am aware and do not blame the entire Scouting movement for participating in this disorder but only one person of the regional and national management intentioned was bad. And it had a feeling (sin) of jealousy about the concept of the charity project of Virtual Scout Palace of Baden-Powell (on the Christian virtue) that Scouts Canada has attempted to plagiarize in the summer of 2015, as explained in 5th letter to the queen.

Therefore, since I am not a coward, and because of my courage, my limited patience and my unlimited perseverance (CPP). I decided, on October 2, 2015, to go back to the historical Pantheon of World Boxing, in an attempt to improve the growth and the financial condition of Canada's young boxers. After being opposed by Scout Canada and others up to now, and although they never gave me any valid reason for treating me so unkindly. So this unfortunate prejudice deprived to this day the youth of the scout movement in this charity project. So that is the reason the site seeks to create a world of boxing fraternity of artisans to help youth who practice the sport of noble art.

Sincerely yours,

Donald Don Plourde

Developer/Designer of /