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Induction and Certification

If you wish to be inducted into this virtual historical virtual Pantheon of world boxing, you must send the signed form by mail to, PO Box 612, Edmundston NB E3V 3L2, or by email (by digitizing / scanning the signed document) to

However, this registration form must be signed by a person recognized as credible, such as an official of amateur or professional federation, or by a notarial deed to give proper credence to this charity project.

To receive the registration form to the Pantheon for a boxer click here and for an official click here.

I inform you that each inductee will receive a certificate of Induction by mail as well as his\her micro-biography printed on a 11 x 17 inches (27.9 cm x 43.1 cm) laminated cardboard, with the photo of their choice. However, you will need to send us this photo in JPG (high resolution), if possible, with your registration form to the Pantheon, or by email at, by mail, FedEx or Purolator. Also, you will receive two badges stickers 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches (8.89 cm x 8.89 cm), one for clothes and one for the car, to identify you as inducted into the Hall, at a cost of $ 250 for all. Note that transportation is paid.

Here is the biography of the boxing ring style badge created with the blue and red colors that symbolize the corners of the arena where opponents are presented. They meet at the center to determine which will be the best of the competition, while respecting the rules of the noble art, ending in the center of the arena for the final decision in a feeling of friendship. See the model below.


Also, for a larger size, it is possible to buy your induction certificate and laminated micro-biography framed with the official frame of the Pantheon, sized 16 x 20 inches (40.6 cm X 50.8 cm). at a cost of$ 385.



In addition, you will have the privilege of placing on the site, your autobiography (a length of a few pages) in the language of your choice, which you can send to us at So imagine a few years from now, all the stories you will be able to read about the world of boxing, including boxers and officials.


50/50 Box Lottery


I am pleased to inform you that the revenues of the Pantheon 50/50 Boxing Lotto will be shared as follows: 50% to the winner, 40% to the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA) to defray expenses of the young boxers as they compete outside their home areas and to help provide for equipment in boxing gyms and 10% to Scout Palace Inc. ., non-profit society, which I am the president and project designer. The draw of this lottery will be done annually, at a boxing event at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Videotron or the Centre of Quebec, Canada and will be announced a few months in advance. In the logic of things, lotto will be mediated by amateur boxing and professional federations at their gala. The cost of the certificate of the 50/50 Box Lottery is $25 and the photo of the certificate selected for the first drawing is that of my friend Cassius Clay, which you will receive by email. This collection certificate may be laminated and framed, in addition to being legal for a surprise second draw every three years, beginning on 31 December 2018, among all registered emails. Good luck my friends!

In this project, the Gym Group Yvon Michel and Bernard Barré, Interboxe, United boxing, Denis Perreault, the Quebec Boxing Council (CQB) and Guy Jutras, official in the World Boxing Federation have been informed since 2005, about this wonderful charity project.

Methods of payment:

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 612
Edmundston, NB
E3V 3L2