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I'm happy to introduce myself as a former amateur boxer and founder of My name is Donald Plourde aka Don. It warms my heart to invite you to this large brotherhood of former boxers, referees and officials, as is explained below. Happy reading!

Fans of this noble art, this virtual historical Pantheon of world boxing will enhance the boxing sport, in general, with its logical method of admission, as much for the amateur boxers as the professional ones. This completely transparent charitable project affects the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA), which will benefit from funds raised by our 50/50 Boxing Lottery. This wonderful project is completely open and necessary for a thriving youth in the world of amateur boxing, which will in turn improve professional boxing.

This advantageous project is rewarding and useful in recognizing the main professionals of this noble art, classified as: bureaucrats, referees, judges, trainers, assistant trainers, promoters, announcers and managers. As a result, this concept is more suitable to our times; and so all those who adhere to the mentioned criteria in the Induction menu will be admitted to the Pantheon. This virtual Pantheon is limitless, so it is accessible to anyone interested in knowing more about the history of boxing, as well as the history of boxers and other professionals enthroned in the Pantheon. Those who are part of this great brotherhood, which we will develop together, where it is possible to tell your tales. Above all, one should not confuse this pantheon with the many temples of sports, some of which are comparable to a mortuary, since our fraternity is alive.

Therefore, boxing athletes will not only be enthroned for what they are, but also for what they have done to help promote this noble art and sport. So, to make this Pantheon accessible to all athletes who have participated and worked in this sport, I thought of this new invaluable concept. This Pantheon will help everyone involved in the boxing sport get to know each other better, and to be known by the general public. You are cordially invited to take part, with your involvement, in this charitable project. Also, i am pleased to add to the Boxing Pantheon the addition of the Historical Pantheon or Tenacity along with the famous Kim's game.

I wish to inform you that the historical Pantheon of world boxing project you're reading at the moment ends with the famous Kim's Game (a memory and observation game). When you will have finished reading the Box Bag text, 5 questions of 20 points each will be asked and a choice of 3 answers will be suggested. So what will your test result be for the memory game be when the average success rate is 80%? The possible results are 100% Excellent, 80% Success, 60% Mediocre, 40% Terrible, 20% Deplorable.

Sincerely yours, Donald G. Plourde


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